E-Bay for BlackBerry 10 Causing Extreme Battery Drain

On Sunday, I was glad to see the E-Bay app available for IMG_00000449download in BlackBerry World. I downloaded it, Ordered a pair of Bluetooth Headphones that I had been looking for lately, and closed the app. Even though it’s an Android port, it worked smoothly and seamlessly for me, so I was quite pleased with it. However, the next day, I noticed my battery was draining very quickly. So quickly in fact, that it died at around 3:30 PM with lighter than normal use… Reasoning that it must be an app I had installed the previous day, I checked to see what I had newly installed, and voila, the E-Bay app was my only  recently installed app. After further digging around, I figured out that the E-Bay app was indeed the culprit. Even when it isn’t running, it will cut your Z10’s battery life nearly in half.

Looking in the reviews section in BlackBerry World, I see that I’m not the only person experiencing this problem. Every second review seems to mention battery drain. I un-installed it, and the next day, as it normally does, the battery lasted the day with pretty heavy usage. So if you’re a BlackBerry 10 user looking for your E-Bay fix, for the moment, you will probably have to turn elsewhere. I suggest using the Browser (with desktop mode enabled by default), as it handles the E-Bay website very well, and that certainly won’t cut your battery life almost in half as the E-Bay app does. Hopefully an update will fix his issue in the near future, as this is a huge deterrent to anyone wishing to download this app.


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