BlackBerry Travel, Adobe Reader, FaceBook, and Twitter for BB10 Receive Large Updates

Over the last couple of days, the FaceBook, Twitter, BlackBerry Travel, and Adobe IMG_00000386Reader Apps all got quite major updates. The FaceBook update, which I am glad to see because it brings what was a sub-par application much closer to parity with it’s iOS and Android counterparts, features:

  • Friends Nearby – Now, Facebook for BlackBerry 10 allows you to discover if your Facebook friends are nearby. You’ll be able to see when they’ve checked in on Facebook to a location that’s close to where you are.
  • Photo Updates – There are new ways of interacting with your Facebook photos. Now you can now easily add photo tags to a photo you’re uploading within the Facebook application. Plus if you like that photo or funny picture your friend just shared on Facebook, you now have the ability save Facebook photos locally on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.
  • Events – This improvement is designed to make it even easier to plan and keep track of your events. You can now view and respond to events, invite your friends to attend, create and view posts on the event wall, post photos, and even tag guests.
  • Sharing – Sharing information is at the core of BlackBerry 10 and now it easier than ever to share what matters to you with all of your contacts. Using the BlackBerry 10 share framework, you can now easily share links from your Facebook newsfeed to BBM, email, SMS, Facebook Twitter, and others.

IMG_00000384The almost equally significant Twitter app update brings with it:

  • Your Connect Tab – View all interactions in one place, including new follows, favorites and mentions.
  • Enjoy More Content – Take a look at photos, article summaries and other updates within your Tweets.
  • Added Perspective – See the number of times a Tweet has been favorited.

This update also brings notifications when your tweet is favorited or retweeted, which was something missing from the app prior to this update, and was sorely needed.

The update to BlackBerry Travel brings with it:

  • Optomized battery use
  • Global coverge support (English language only at this point)

And Finally, the update to the Adobe Reader app brings:

  • Copy, Paste, and Search
  • Annotate and comment
  • Hyperlink support

It’s great to see some meat added to this app in particular, as, just like the PlayBook version, it could do only one thing, open and read .PDF files. So it’s somewhat relieving to see Adobe starting to add additional features to it. Hopefully soon, they will add bookmarking support and other new features.

It’s great to see the updates for the FaceBook and Twitter apps in particular, as the FaceBook app definitely sorely needed some work. Although not yet finished, the Twitter and FaceBook apps are now much, much closer to being as functional as their iOS and Android cousins are. Now, there are only two big things that I can think of that they are lacking , for the FaceBook app, a chat feature. At the moment we have to go through the messages section, and that is far slower and less efficient that simply having a chat section to use. And for the Twitter app, multiple account support would be great, and although I wouldn’t personally use it, I know it’s a feature that many users have been asking for.

To wrap-up, we saw some great stuff in the way of updates this week, and these were just some of the more high-profile ones. Keep the awesomeness rolling BlackBerry (and yes, it it BlackBerry that develops the FaceBook and Twitter Apps for those that didn’t know), I am now patiently impatiently waiting on Skype and OS 10.1, both of which will be big milestones for BlackBerry, and I  can’t wait to see how OS 10.1 in particular turns out.


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