Kindle App for BlackBerry 10 now Available

imageAmazon Kindle has long been one of those apps that BlackBerry users have wished for. Despite being promised for the PlayBook at its launch, a Kindle app never materialized there. However, as of today, it is available in BlackBerry World (for BB10 only) for download. The app is as fully featured as its Android and iOS counterparts, which is nice. However, what isn’t so nice is the fact that is is actually an Android app, ported to BB10. What, Amazon, really? It took you over a 6 weeks to port an Android app to BB10… a process that often takes no more than 10 minutes. You’re joking right? Sadly, no, they are not joking, and we are stuck with an Android port for our Kindle app. It could be a lot worse for sure, like not having a Kindle app for instance, but it’s far from ideal. The app itself it reasonably fluid, although being an Android port, it neither works or looks as good as a native BB10 app, and especially when scrolling through menus and lists, you do notice a bit of lag.

However, to finish on a more positive note, it is great to see a Kindle app for BlackBerry 10, and it’s just as nice to see the app catalogue in BlackBerry World growing so quickly (in-between launch on January 30th, and today, the app store grew by 30 000 apps, from 70 000, to over 100 000, which is amazing progress). Now, as I’ve said many times before, Skype, where are you? According to the Inside BlackBerry Blog, it will arrive in “the coming weeks”. That’s pretty vague, but it’s good to know it’s coming soon, as that is definitely the app I’ve missed the most.


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