BlackBerry Travel for BB10 Now Available

imageToday, just before the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 in the USA, BlackBerry has released the BlackBerry Travel app for BlackBerry 10. This app lets you plan your travels, itinerary, book, and manage your trips. From within the app, you can book a Hotel room or a limousine (should you wish to travel in high style), or rent a car. You can also, wiew the weather wherever you may be traveling to, calculate currency exchange rates, view flights, and check your flight status, amoung other functionalities. The app is also connected to BBM and Linked in, should you wish to keep your contacts updated on how well (or not) your trip is going. You also have the option to share your trip to Facebook and Twitter.

All in all, although not an app that I will use in the forseeable future, this is a very cool app, and one that I know many people will be glad to see on BB10. It’s great to see another big announcement today, following their press release today announcing several big name apps, that BlackBerry has released another great addition to the app catalogue in BlackBerry World.  Roll on OS 10.1, I can’t wait to see what it will have to offer, but for now, we’re seeing some great stuff, both from BlackBerry, and its parters.


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