WhatsApp Now Available for BlackBerry 10

Image credit: Inside BlackBerry Blog

Last week, Alex Kinsella, a member of the BlackBerry Developer evangelist team, tweeted that he “predicted” that we would be able to download WhatsApp for BB10 this week. Considering that its his job to work with developers building apps for BlackBerry (including WhatsApp), I considered that of an unofficial announcement that a prediction, which in hbindsight, proved to be correct. And now, true to Alex’s “prediction” we now have a fully featured, native WhatsApp app on BB10. This is NOT an Android port, but a fully native app, which looks and feels great, and is very feature-rich and functional. It supports active frames, and will show the last message received on its active frame. WhatsApp also doesn’t need to be open to immediately receive a message in the BlackBerry Hub, and you can respond to that message without leaving the Hub. It also features contact integration, so all your contacts who are using WhatsApp will be automatically listed for you, which is a nice touch. It’s great to see another very popular app landing on BB10. The BlackBerry World App Store is looking better and better daily, and WhatsApp is another great addition to the fold. Now… Skype…. where have you got to?



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