Kobo for BlackBerry 10 still MIA, Under Development

Image credit: geeky-gadgets.com

I was dissapointed to see that at BlackBerry 10’s launch there was no Kobo app available, and that a month later, there still no Kobo app available. So I fired off an email to Kobo customer support asking an app was in the works, and this is the response I got.

“Thank you for contacting Kobo Customer Care. We are sorry to inform you that, at this time, the Kobo app is not yet compatible with the Blackberry 10 smartphone. Since the smartphone was recently released, our Development team are currently in the process of making the app available on this device.

You will be notified as soon as the Kobo app is ready for this device.
Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.”

So there is currently a Kobo app in development, which is great. There was no timeline mentioned, but hopefully we will see it soon. My guess (take it for what it’s worth) is that with the US release of the Z10 coming up soon (mid-late March), the Kobo app will be released at or around the time-frame when the Z10 will be made available in the US (this also seems to be the time-frame WhatsApp is looking at, with a March native client debut confirmed) release. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer for it. Speaking of waiting… Skype… WHERE ARE YOU? Perhaps we will see it become available roughly around the time of the Z10’s US release as well? I hope so, but at least we know they’re both confirmed coming. The app situation is looking up though, daily things are getting better and better, and I’m optimistic!


2 thoughts on “Kobo for BlackBerry 10 still MIA, Under Development

    • Thanks! I hadn’t been able to find a working .bar until you posted that link. All the others that I sideloaded crashed as soon as I opened a book. Works really smoothly and nicely. Until we get the native app, this is a great replacement. Much appreciated!

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