BlackBerry Z10 Updated to BB10 OS

TIMG_00000233his evening, while catching up on my RSS feeds, I came across an article from NerdBerry which said that that BB10 OS had been released for the Z10 on Telus, Rogers and Fido. I had read earlier that it was available for Rogers customers, but hearing that it was available for Telus customers, I promptly downloaded it. There was no change-log  accompanying the download, and I didn’t notice anything particularly new. However, I reasoned that any update is a good update because even though we might not necessarily see them, there were sure to be improvements behind the scenes so to speak. However, later this evening, the Inside BlackBerry Blog published an article detailing the top five improvements in this OS update. These are the top five improvements listed by the Inside BlackBerry Blog.

  1. 3rd Party App PerformanceWe’ve improved performance for 3rd party applications, so developers can build apps that run fast and smooth for you. With this update, you might want to keep an eye out for some fresh new app launches in March, like WhatsApp.

    Guess what’s up #TeamBlackBerry? WhatsApp Messenger is coming to #BlackBerry10 in March ^DH

    — BlackBerry (@BlackBerry) February 24, 2013

  2. Phone, Calendar, and ContactsAmong the top improvements and features are fixes for Gmail calendars on BlackBerry 10. You’ll also find improvements in the BlackBerry Hub for logging calls log and how conversations are handled. We’ve also made general improvements to importing contacts from online sources.
  3. CameraWe’ve optimized the camera for better photos in low-light situations. You’ll love the difference this makes for photos where you don’t use a flash – like the Time Shift Camera feature.
  4. Browser and MediaWith more and more of you using the gorgeous screen on the BlackBerry Z10 to consume online videos and media, we’ve made a number of improvements to the software in the way the browser handles video playback to provide a fantastic experience.
  5. Battery LifeThe software team has included a number of battery life optimizations with over 60 battery saving improvements since launch to keep you moving. These combined improvements are designed so that you see improvements in battery life and heavy users especially should see a longer average usage per charge cyIMG_00000237cle.

In addition to these very welcome improvements, CrackBerry Kevin Spotted a new feature in bedside mode, and one that I am sure many users, myself included will find very handy. This is a feature that was present on BBOS devices, which in addition to blocking all incoming notifications, gives you the option to allow, or to not allow phone calls while in bedside mode. This is very handy as I obviously don’t want to be woken up by every text or notification I get, but the chances are pretty good that if I get a phone call when my device is in bedside mode, that it’s important enough that I want to be woken up to answer it.

There are some very solid updates listed here, and I am looking forward to seeing in particular, how the update has affected my battery life, and how low light shots with the camera are improved as well. These are all great additions and improvements to an already great mobile OS, and I can’t wait for the forthcoming OS 10.1 update! My full BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Z10 reviews will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

***Update March 7 2013*** It seems that this update has now been pushed out to both Virgin Mobile and Bell customers!


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