Riptide GP Splashes its Way to BlackBerry 10


The gameplay is smooth, and the futuristic design and pleasing visuals make for an excellent presentation

The extremely popular watercourse racing game, Riptide GP, was launched yesterday for the BlackBerry Z10, the only device that is currently running BlackBerry 10. The app has proved to be extremely popular on iOS and Android, and is even used by many device reviewers as a performance benchmark. That should tell you something about how graphically intensive, and how critically acclaimed it is. The gameplay is smooth, and the futuristic design and pleasing visuals make for an excellent visual presentation, but the challenging and exciting gameplay are the true virtues of this game. It feels much like a standard racing game (although, the feel of it reminds me strongly of Midnight Club 3 for some reason that I couldn’t place a finger on), although obviously, being a mobile game, the gameplay is less complex, and more accessible to simply pick up and play. You try to gain first place by navigating the courses as smoothly as possible, avoiding obstacles, turning corners, bouncing off waves, and flying off ramps. While in mid-air, different types and combinations of stunts can be performed, which will add to your boost. This, obviously, boosts your speed to further increase your lead on your competitors, or catch up to them. While messing around with my Z10 hooked up to a projector, I started playing Riptide GP, and found that playing it on a big screen, using my Z10 as a controller, felt very natural, just like using a gaming console, and is a really cool way to play. For those without a projector, a long micro-HDMI to HDMI cord will enable you to hook it up to your TV for a similar effect.

There are several Game modes, Race, Hot Lap, and Championship, and 3 levels of difficulty within each of those. All in all, RipTide GP is probably the best game currently available for the BlackBerry Z10, and I highly recommend it. It’s not free, however, at $1.99, there are a lot worse, and probably few better ways you could spend your money in the BlackBerry World.

Final Impressions


Riptide GP offers a great racing experience on the BlackBerry Z10, between gorgeous visuals and smooth and fun gameplay, there is little not to like. A multi-player mode would be the ultimate addition to an already superb game. However, at least for now, there is only the single player mode. And that itself is more than enough to recommend buying this game on.

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