BlackBerry PlayBook OS updated to version

IMG_00000096Today, the PlayBook OS was updated to version bringing with it some bug fixes, enhancements to the browser and app payments, also for legacy Blackberry devices, improvements to texting with BlackBerry Bridge and improvements to the audio boost functionality. While it is not specified what any of these improvements are, the browser HTML5 score has remained the same.It also rebrands the App World to BlackBerry World, to bring it in line with the changes that are sen on BlackBerry 10. No Music or Video purchases are available directly from the PlayBook BlackBerry World just yet. I expect that to come with BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook, and not before.

This is definitely not the BlackBerry 10 upgrade that PlayBook owners are waiting for, but it explains the recent BlackBerry Bridge Update that left us puzzled as to its purpose. I can’t wait to see what BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook has to offer, and how it adapts to the different form and hardware of the PlayBook. However, for now, any update is a good update.


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