Research in Motion Rebrands Itself After it’s Flagship Product: BlackBerry

Image Credit: MolileSyrup

Today, in addition to launching the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, and two devices, a full touch screen device and a full QWERTY keyboard device with a smaller touch screen, the BlackBerry maker previously known as Research In Motion, or RIM for short, revealed that it would adopt the branding if it’s flagship product, the BlackBerry. This move makes a lot of sense, as BlackBerry is the only large money making project that RIM had had over the last decade, and it puts a new light on the laser focus on improving and innovating the BlackBerry platform that brand new CEO Thorsten Heins has championed. Since he has become CEO, developers have noticed a stark change in the way BlackBerry functions as a company. Many developers have described “The New BlackBerry” as the best company to develop for. Thorsten Heins certainly brought a new life and a new energy to BlackBerry, and this re-branding can only help the company’s image and it’s focus on making BlackBerry 10 a success!


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