White BlackBerry Z10 Shows Itself Two Days Before Unveiling

Yesterday, CrackBerry spotted some great new pictures of the white Z10. We’ve seen plenty of high-resolution shots of the black Z10, but only a few blurry pictures, and a Verizon leak showing the white model. However, now we have some very nice shots of the white model. I’m really liking the contrast of the black bezel and screen and the white surrounding it.

The textured back and BlackBerry logo on the white Z10

The side of the device, showing the Micro-USB and Micro-HDMI ports

The LS1 1800mAh removable battery and Micro-SD expansion slot

The front of the white Z10 showing the black bezel and white case surrounding it. Also showcasing the BlackBerry 10 App Drawer

The contrast between the screen and bezel and the clean white surrounding it.

I am planning to get a Z10 as soon as they become available, and I will certainly be getting a white one if they are available. Looking good BlackBerry!


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