BlackBerry 10 Running on the PlayBook, Feburary Beta Release and New PlayBook Hardware Rumored

This picture purportedly shows a build of BlackBerry 10 running on the BlackBerry Playbook

A few days ago, @BlackBerryScoop posted a picture of what is purportedly a build of BlackBerry 10 running on the PlayBook. This isn’t much of a surprise as we have known for a while that BB10 would be brought to the PlayBook. However, it’s great to see it coming along nicely. The upgrade from the PlayBook OS to BB10 is actually on of the things I am most looking forward to in the coming months. We were told some time ago that it would be released sometime after BlackBerry 10 for phones is released. Now that the BlackBerry 10 unveiling is practically here, we’re starting to hear more about it (unofficially of course).

@BlackBerryScoop is certain that the BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook beta will be unveiled by the end of February

Now,also from @BlackBerryScoop, we’re hearing that the beta version of BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook will be released by the end of February. It will be nice to see it finally hit the PlayBook, and I will definitely will be grabbing the beta as soon as it is released. It will be interesting to see how RIM adapts the OS for the tablet form factor. I will be interested in particular to see what they do with BlackBerry bridge when both BlackBerry Smartphone and PlayBook will be tethered and running BlackBerry 10. The global unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and two handsets, a full touch, and a full QWERTY keyboard edition with a touch screen as well is tomorrow. So we will find out a lot about BlackBerry 10 tomorrow, and hopefully we will hear something on the subject of the PlayBook’s BB10 update.

@BlackBerryScoop is positive that there will be a new tablet running BlackBerry 10 this year

Also, our friend at @BlackBerryScoop, who seems to have a lot of inside information for us, is sure that there will be a new BlackBerry tablet running BB10 this year. Although he didn’t specify when exactly this year that would be, it is pretty safe to assume that we won’t hear anything about it tomorrow. Even if this is correct, it is highly unlikely that we would see or hear anything of it until the middle, or later part of this year, given that RIM has been putting all its efforts into making BlackBerry 10 for it’s new Smartphones, and designing those Smartphones.






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