Plants Vs Zombies arrives for BlackBerry Smartphones

plantsvszombies      Plants Vs Zombies has been a smash hit since it debuted on Windows and Mac OS X in 2009. It has since expanded to support iOS, Android, the BlackBerry PlayBook, Xbox, PS3, the Nintendo DS, and now BlackBerry Smartphones. As you can see, the list is very expansive and speaks to the success of the game. However, despite that, it took me by surprise to discover that EA and PopCap had developed a version for BlackBerry handsets.  Legacy BlackBerry devices (i.e. not including the Blackberry PlayBook or BlackBerry 10) simply do not have the graphics processing abilities of other platforms, making it significantly less suitable for a fairly graphically intensive game such as Plants Vs Zombies. So it’s nice to see it being brought to BlackBerry handsets… However,if you will be buying it, you definitely shouldn’t expect the same level of performance as on some other platforms.

So, it stands to reason that once I started playing it, I realized that although it features the same gameplay features, the graphics are much different, and there are fewer features than even he compaitively stripped-down PlayBook version (Mainly, it lacks some bonus gameplay elements). The game retains the same look and feel as its iOS and Android counterparts, but the animations are less complex and there is a considerable lower frame-rate   Apparently, there’s just something extremely gratifying about crushing zombies with peas from your pea-shooter plants that no other game can quite rival, and Plants Vs Zombies for your BlackBerry Phone can deliver that in spades!


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