BlackBerry 10 Unveiling Less Than 10 Days Away

For those of you who aren’t counting, the long anticipated launch of BlackBerry 10 is approaching very quickly, and we are now ten days away from the global unveiling event which will be held in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Johannesburg, and Dubai on January 30th 2013. The devices, the rumored Z10 and X10 will be launching shortly afterwards – rumor has it mid to late February – and BB10 for the PlayBook will be released at some point “Soon After” that. For BlackBerry Fans, it has been a long wait, for a product that has been postponed several times, and subject to doubt if it would even be ready for market before RIM went bankrupt. Turns out that that those predictions were highly unrealistic, and came nowhere near close to materializing, however that didn’t stop the media from picking up on them.

Now, having seen BlackBerry 10 behind closed doors, it’s nearly impossible to find a negative article about BlackBerry 10 in the mainstream media. We have already seen RIM’s stock price jump from just under $6 in September/October 2012, to the nearly $16 that it is today, and based on what we’ve heard I think it’s safe to say that BB10 will have been worth the wait, and the numerous postponements. A few days ago, an image was leaked of the Verizon Branded BlackBerry Z10, in both black and white, so for anyone who hasn’t been following the leaks religiously and might not know what the Z10 looks like yet, enjoy!

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