Excitement for the BlackBerry 10 Launch Mounts

The global launch event for the brand new BlackBerry 10 OS and devices, which will be unveiled on January 30th, in a Global Launch event in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Johannesburg, and Dubai. Leak after leak have surfaced, and for the die-hard BlackBerry fans, what has been two years of long waiting is now starting to look like it was put to good use. The leaks and demos that we have seen so far show an extremely fast, modern UI and and OS that can potentially bring RIM back up out of the hole it is currently in. For more information and leaks on BlackBerry 10, read my article entitles BlackBerry 10 News and Rumors Roundup.

Several awesome songs have been written about BlackBerry 10 by members of #TeamBlackBerry, and the two that I think are the most noteworthy are BlackBerry Born Again by Joseph’s Coat and No Sleep ‘Til BlackBerry 10 by Lil E

BlackBerry Born Again by Joseph’s Coat

You can also download the MP3 file directly from Joseph’s Coat’s SoundCloud page.

No Sleep ’til BlackBerry 10 by Lil E

You can also download the MP3 directly here (right click, then click ‘save as’, or ‘save link as’ depending on your browser).

Songs by BlackBerry fans are nothing new 2010, we saw Ping me Baby (Way before Call me Maybe’s time), and there have been numerous other examples, but I wanted to show you the two that I mentioned above because they are part of the hype leading up to BlackBerry 10. The support for BlackBerry 10 from the user base, sites like CrackBerry, and developers has been amazing! But what about you? If you’re an avid BlackBerry fan or user who is looking foward to BlackBerry 10, you can deck out your twitter with this Twitter banner and Background from Twitter user @KyleRyan_! Right click save as or save link as to download these photos.


BlackBerry 10 Twitter Header


BlackBerry 10 Twitter Background

CrackBerry user Suyash Srijan also created this awesome collage Facebook cover photo to show support for BlackBerry 10.

BB10 Facebook Cover

BlackBerry 10 Facebook Cover

Thanks again to Suyash Srijan and @KyleRyan_ for these awesome ways to show support for BlackBerry 10!




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