Research In Motion Releases Update Helper App for the PlayBook

IMG_00000038On the 28th of December, two days ago, RIM launched an app for the PlayBook entitled ‘Check for Updates’ to instruct users who don’t know how to update their PlayBook how to do so. The app has no usable AI elements, but acts as a 3 frame story-board or instruction manual of sorts to instruct the user how to download OS updates for maximum usability and access to features that may have been released in an OS update. It surprises me that RIM launched this app, because it only shows one of the 2 ways to update your PlayBook OS, and offers no direct UI to check for updates, which may confuse some users given that the name of the app is Check for Updates. The other way to update your OS version, for those who don’t know, is to swipe down from the top bezel, or alternatively tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the home screen. This will bring you into the device settings menu. From there, navigate to the Software Updates menu, tap ‘the check for updates button, and from there, update if there is an update available.


The Description of the app is as follows: IMG_00000037

Upgrade to the latest BlackBerry PlayBook Software for your Tablet to experience more with BlackBerry App World. Are you getting an error message when trying to download or purchase applications? If so the solution is simple, use the steps below to update your tablet software.  Updating your software is free, easy and happens over the air.

How to upgrade your software on your Tablet:

Step #1 – Look for the software update notification in the status bar
Step #2 – Tap the notification to view the update details
Step #3 – Tap Download


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