BlackBerry’s have always been known as ‘tools not toys’. However, with the PlayBook, and to a far greater extent with BB10, RIM is showing a commitment to making BlackBerrys truely great at both work ad Play. This looks like it will be a great feature, that I know I am personally very excited for.

BlackBerry Developer Blog

Guest post from the Scoreloop™ team – Mark S.


What a week it’s been! After a crazy BlackBerry® Jam Americas 2012 in San Jose showing and the jaw-dropping milestone of reaching 200 million users, we are thrilled to announce the most exciting features yet for BlackBerry 10, all in one convenient package. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Games app.

We’re putting a comprehensive social gaming hub powered by Scoreloop at your users’ fingertips, but we’re delivering much more than an application to house your games. We’ve taken the tools of game discovery and played with the very laws of nature itself to create a streamlined, elegant way for gamers and games to meet.

Here’s a little sample of what’s in store within this dedicated gaming HQ:

  • Instant Community – Finding friends used to be hard. Now, through the magic of the Scoreloop and BBM, your players can effortlessly find and…

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