Playbook OS 2.1 Beta Released

On June the 1st, the PlayBook OS 2.1 beta was released for developers, and all others (like me) who just couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new features to test them. There are a surprising number of improvements included in this release, and they are:

-Yet more browser improvements (Making it the highest HTML5 scoring mobile browser).

-The Calender, Email, and Contacts apps have been improved, also they can now run in portrait as well as landscape mode, and the email app now has improved folder and IMAP support.

-Android apps now run in separate windows and you can have multiple running at the same time (as opposed to running them all in the same window). Android apps also now have access to the camera and you can now make in-app payments with them.

-Also, the PlayBook now features full device encryption for improved device security.

-RIM has said that other new features and/or improvements will be available (in PlayBook OS 2.1) when it is officially released to the public.

Although these improvements definitely don’t make the PlayBook a new device, it has aged well, the mobile browser in particular has been constantly updated and kept well ahead of the competition (face it Safari, you suck), also, with each update that comes, the PlayBook comes closer and closer to, dare I say it… Realization of its full potential? Although that won’t fully happen until BlackBerry 10 is available for the PlayBook, it is continually being updated, and by now is a very solid device, and for its price, definitely the best out there.

Although this update is still in Beta stage, and there are bugs and glitches that come with that status, OS 2.1 offers solid improvements and great new features, continuing to make the PlayBook better and better with each update that is released

Thanks for reading!

Here is the official announcement from RIM, and related articles you may enjoy.

Update, Aug 29th 2012

In an Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog post, RIM has also announced that Android runtime apps now have hardware acceleration available to them. Anyone who has used PlayBook OS 2.0 would know that at some times, the Android app player could get quite slow. Well, this seems like a pretty good solution to me. I look forward to keeping you updated on all new PlayBook OS 2.1 feature announcements.

Mobile Syrup: PlayBook OS 2.1 Beta Now Available to Download

Engadget: BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 beta ready for download: better portrait mode and Android app support.


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