Transparent Screen (Android) Review

A few months ago, I saw a post on


that mentioned an Android app which used your device’s camera to make your screen transparent so that you didn’t have to look up, when walking and texting for example. So, the other day, I downloaded it to give it a try. Even on my low-end Android 2.3 LG Optimus One, it runs fairly smoothly, although at the lowest resolution.

The app itself is quite basic, open it and you will see a menu giving you the options to; start or stop the transparency, change the resolution of the transparency, how strong the transparency is, rotate the image and a few other options (The paid version has a few more options, but most of the good stuff is in the free version.) On most phones, (unless you own a high-end smartphone or superphone) you will probably have to but the resolution down quite far, so that the transparent image doesn’t lag. When the screen is transparent, you can pull down your notification bar and touch an icon to stop it.

When in use, the transparency seems to always be either too weak or too strong, so that you can see too much of the screen, or too much of the environment in front of you, after some tweaking of the transparency level though, you can get a fairly good balance between what’s on-screen and what’s in the real world. You will have to tweak it for each light situation you’re in though.

Overall Impressions


Transparent screen provides a theoretically great way to stay productive on the go without running into trees or people as you look at your phone. However, the image isn’t always clear, especially in bright situations, and the effort needed to differentiate between what’s on screen and what’s in front of you can be more than the quick glance it would take to see where you’re going every 5 seconds. This is a fun app to play with, and a great idea, but not always practical in real-world situations.


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