Side-loading Android Apps With PlayBook OS 2.0

In response to the less than ideal app count in the PlayBook App World, many sites have sprung up that allow you to side-load Android apps onto the Playbook. This has become much, much easier since the OS 2.0 update which includes the native android run-time. Not all side-loaded apps work, and some can be quite laggy. I actually had to wipe my PlayBook after one particularly bad misfire caused the side-swipe gestures to stop working properly on my Playbook. However, Having said that, I re-set up my PlayBook and it was nice to finally get the official Twitter and Kindle apps, as well as IMDB, A-torrent, Paper Toss, Air Control and others.

I have since uninstalled many of the apps I side loaded because I was experiencing a lot of problems with my PlayBook freezing or becoming un-responsive for long periods of time that just didn’t happen before I started side-loading apps. Side-loading is unofficial, these apps are put together unofficially, and not tested by Blackberry. This means that they are not necessarily safe and may damage your PlayBook in one way or another. I have already had to wipe my PlayBook once because of the effects of side-loading apps, and may well have to do it again. That said, the majority of apps that don’t seem to cause any problems (I downloaded most of mine from And it is nice to finally have a good selection of popular apps to choose from. However, be careful, if you aren’t entirely sure how to go about it, or don’t have a lot of experience with that sort of thing, I would probably stay away from it, as it can be a problematic, glitchy process.

These are the sites I used to get my apps. It is worth noting that has got a very nice collection of completely working Android apps that they test thoroughly before they post them to their online app store, which provides a level of reliability and safety. I used the DDPB installer that GoodEReader recommended I use, and that method was fairly straightforward and easy. I also found a few great working apps amongst one users’ uploaded collection of Android apps ported to the PlayBook on Finally, I downloaded a few apps from that worked just fine.

GoodEReader ported Android Apps

Mediafire ported Android apps

*UPDATE It appears that the website has been taken offline and is no longer available.

In Conclusion

If you can find a working way to install unofficially ported Android apps, like that provided by GoodEReader, and working apps, side-loading can be a great way to add new apps to the PlayBook that aren’t officially available. But, a word of caution, it easily causes problems, and you should be very careful when installing, and using them.

As usual, here are other sites with similar articles so you can get more points of view and information if you so desire.

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