ObjectDock Plus 2 review

ObjectDock Plus 2

       I really like Windows 7. It’s fairly speedy, stable, compatible with everything I want to run, and, thanks to Aero Effects, quite good-looking. However, some people don’t like how it looks, or just like how MAC OS X looks better. Object Dock tries to mimic, to a certain extent, the good looks of the MAC OS X style toolbar while maintaining all of Windows 7’s functionality. For the most part, they succeeded. Although, the toolbar doesn’t look quite as good as that of Mac OS X, it is definitely good looking.

You can customize the User Interface to have as many docks in a variety of customizable positions around the screen. You can also select from many different ways for the task bar to display and react to manipulation, whether or not to hide the windows task-bar while ObjectDock is running, change the dock’s transparency settings, and lots more. You can also still use Aero effects and features while ObjectDock is running; you can still ‘drag n drop’ windows to split screen, full screen or however else you want your windows displayed. It is quite fast and light, and I have never had a problem with it crashing, freezing or anything like that.

Overall Impressions


      ObjectDock is a great looking program designed to simulate the Mac OS X toolbar on your windows PC. It is greatly customizable, and it’s quite fun to mess around with putting docks in different places. It also keeps most important windows features usable, which is great. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys customizing their PC, or prefers the look of Mac OS X to Windows.

Thanks for reading and until next time!

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