AiryTec Switch Off

AiryTec Switch Off

AiryTec Switch Off is a little known, yet simple and effective system shutdown tool.

You can set a number of criteria for shutting down your PC:

• Countdown (specify how long you want the program to wait before the program does an action that you specify).

• No computer activity (when your computer has ceased doing anything).

• No User Activity (whenever you have stopped manipulating your computer).

The options after one of those criteria have been selected are: Shutdown, Restart, Log Off, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock, and Close Dial-Up.

You will know why this is so handy if you have ever been waiting for a torrent or download to finish downloading from the internet, which seems to be spiting the fact that you have work or have a very important exam in the morning with its slow speed. I have frequently had this happen, that’s because I rely on Dial-Up, the worst, painfully slow internet connection there is. Now, with AiryTec Switch Off, I just select ‘when no computer activity, close Dial-Up’. Which enables me to let whatever I am downloading, download while I still get that sleep I need, and ensure that Dial-Up isn’t blocking the phone line all night and into the morning.

Overall Impressions


AiryTec Switch Off is a great light little program that runs from your notification area and gives you several options for orchestrating your PC’s shutdown while you’re away doing something else. It’s not particularly pretty, but neither does it need to be. It sports a clean, easy-to-use pop-up interface and I have never had any problems with it crashing etc. Highly recommend this to anyone with a slow internet connection or to who downloads a lot.

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Thanks for reading and until next time!


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