Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 Preview

The long-awaited, much-postponed Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 update will be coming, so we have been told, on February 17 2012. This is an almost unforgivably long wait, as RIM promised many of the features very shortly after the tablet’s launch (in April 2011). Some features, the most outstanding being Blackberry Messenger stand-alone for the Playbook. still will not be coming in February’s update, but rather in a later (no date has been provided) update.

However, let’s Focus on what we know will be in Playbook OS 2.0. It will contain a native email client (with multi-tasking email  and ‘social hub’ functionality), contacts app which will integrate all the social profiles of a person along with what you input on them, an innovative calendar app (integrated with the contacts app). And, the long awaited fix to the Playbook’s lack of good apps! The android app player will give the Playbook full android compatibility, while still allowing you to multi-task to the Playbook’s full capability.

Personally, I am extremely excited for this update. It is very understandable that many people have simply become fed up with RIM for pushing the update time-frame back and back and back and back. However, luckily, I haven’t had the frustration of waiting and watching the update get delayed over and over again, so I am not as frustrated as many people are (I got my Playbook in early December). And, I would say that even after the long wait, it will have been worth it. The offered features are compelling, Excellent Email (‘social hub’), contacts, and innovative calendar apps promise to be industry standards. There will be many other tweaks, much improved Blackberry Bridge functionality, (a rumored large Facebook app upgrade), customizable home screen, updated on-screen QWERTY keyboard and updated productivity apps to name only a few. Also the android compatibility will end the frustrating lack of Playbook apps. Thus making both enterprise users and regular consumers happy with the upgrade.

UPDATE (February 14)

RIM Has not released any official dates, RUMOR has it that the update will be February 17 or 21. RIM has stated the update will arrive in February, but anything beyond that is merely informed (or otherwise) speculation. I can only hope it will still be the 17th as I am extremely anxious to get my hands on this promising, if much delayed update.


Playbook OS 2.0 has been officially set to launch Tuesday Feb 21. I downloaded the developers preview yesterday, and although the number of changes are tiny compared to what will be in the final release, I am extremely happy with what I have seen so far. I am really excited for this, as everyone who has seen the functional os 2.0 beta says they are very optimistic and pleased. So, until next time, and my Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 review!

Here is a preview of OS 2.0 and all it’s exciting new features from CES 2012! Enjoy!

What do you think? Is Playbook OS 2.o too late for the Blackberry Playbook?


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